Schlagwerk Harmonic Master Instruments

Unique sound has no rival — the ultimate Handpan collection.

We have partnered with Schlagwerk on a Harmonic collection that combines both of our brands' sensibilities to create masterpiece sound sculptures rooted in performance, unmatched innovation and artisanship.

The Schlagwerk Harmonic Master musical instruments are handcrafted from ultra-strong alloy Vibra Steel, selected for its maximum durability, natural corrosion protection and for providing a better, clear ceramic sound instrument. It delivers a higher volume and is much harder than stainless steel, resulting in an instrument with an ultimate feel yet durable and long-lasting sound.


All Harmonics are designed for novices, hobbyists, professionals, busking musicians, and players of all levels and experiences.


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Schlagwerk Harmonic Master® 15
Chromatic handpan - craftsmanship and innovation in perfect harmony.
Level: Advanced
15 Notes

The Harmonic Master® 15 is a one-of-a-kind handpan that pushes the limits of high-quality traditional handpan design by combining cutting-edge craftsmanship, innovation, and technology. This is our most revolutionary handpan created to perform a full 15-note chromatic scale. The top and bottom shells keep the playing method remarkably simple, and each side allows the performer to play independent scales, which opens up a whole new world of sonic textures. Have you ever dreamt of owning a single handpan that enables you to change the tuning to several scales? With a Harmonic Master 15, you can create any scale you want and explore all the harmonic possibilities music has to offer.

The sound structure of the Harmonic Master® 15 is internationally protected.

Sound Models

HM15 C#/ (G) G# A (A#) (C) C# (D) D# E (F) F# (G) G# (A)

Top: C#/ G# A C# D# E F# G# 

Bottom: G A# C D F G A

HC15 D/ (G#) A (A#) C (C#) D (D#) E F (F#) G (G#) A (A#)

Top: D/ A C D E F G A 

Bottom: G# A# C# D# F# G# A#

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Schlagwerk Harmonic Art

Schlagwerk Harmonic Master® 14
Mutant handpan - brilliant design and unparalleled craftsmanship.
Level: Enthusiast, Intermediate or Advanced
14 Notes


The Harmonic Master® 14 Mutant features exclusive enhancements that unlock brilliant possibilities for the musician and set a new standard for the future of handpans. This Harmonic includes three additional "cyclops" style notes on the front of the instrument, which create a stunning new design. The bottom shell layout consists of three tone fields, and the top shell unveils an inpex triple central domed tone field. The Harmonic Master 14 Mutant also incorporates stunning finishing touches that visually excite and highlights exceptional hand-crafted details. The best-in-class style and beauty come together perfectly in this masterpiece sound sculpture that enhances the exclusivity of the Harmonic Master collection.

Harmonic Art | Madeleine Rivera
Sound Models

Celtic Minor 14 (C D E – dings) F/ A C D E F G A A# C D

SaBye 14 (C D E – dings) G/ B C D E F# G A B C D

Romanian Hijaz 14

(C# D F – dings) F#/ B C# D F F# G# A B C# D

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Schlagwerk Harmonic Art

Schlagwerk Harmonic Master® 12
Extended handpan - inspired, at the highest level, by acoustic and metallurgical research.
Level: Intermediate or Advanced
12 Notes


The Harmonic Master® 12 is the result of unparalleled handpan design evolution from our original handpan. We're delivering the same iconic Harmonic sound you've come to love, including a set of 12 musical tones fields in a scale. The playing shell design maintains the same simplicity as the Harmonic Master 8 for an incredible enhanced experience. The bottom shell consists of 4 tone fields, including a ding-like with a triple dome design. It is an innovation with uncompromising quality for those who seek a meaningful sound and a large number of musical notes all within an individual instrument. What this instrument does is extraordinary; it is the best playing experience you've ever had.

Sound Models

Kurd 12 D/ (F G) A A# C D E F (G) A (A#)

Ursa Minor 12 D/ (F G) A A# C D (E) F G A (A#)

Mystic Major 12 C#/ (F F#) G# A# C C# D# F (F#) G# (A#)

Amara 12 C#/ (E F#) G# A B C# D# E (F#) G# (A)

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Schlagwerk Harmonic Art

Schlagwerk Harmonic Master® 8
Original handpan - the essence of sound with masterful craftsmanship.
Level: Enthusiast, Intermediate or Advanced
8 Notes


The Harmonic Master® 8 is what has earned us a global reputation as artisans of the finest handpans available today. The Harmonic Master 8's voice is enchanting, soothing, and relaxing. With its clear tonality and cathedral effect, it is ideal to be used in various settings for performance, meditation, and therapy. The Harmonic Master 8 is known worldwide for its masterful craftsmanship, meaningful sound, and attention to detail. Our sleek traditional sound sculpture is played and trusted by countless players globally.

Free Integral C#/ G# A B C# D# E G#

AnnaZiska D/ A A# D E F G A

Hitzaz D/ A A# C# D E F A

Natural D/ A A# C D F G A

Dominant 7th D/ A C D E F G A

Integral D/ A A# C D E F A

SaBye D/ A B C# D E F# A  

Raga Desya Todi D#/ G A# C D D# F G

Equinox E/ G B C D E F# G

Harmonic Minor E/ G B C D# E F# G

Dorian F/ A# C D D# F G A#

Akebono F/ A# C C# D# F F# A#

Natural Prime F/ A A# C D F G A

Melog-Selisir F/ A A# C E F G A

Schlagwerk Harmonic Art

Schlagwerk Harmonic Master HuRing®
Percussion handpan - the ultimate percussive sound.
Level: Enthusiast, Intermediate or Advanced
7 Notes + Harmonious Ringding

Sound Models

The Harmonic Master HuRing® opens the potential for percussion, bass, and harmony as a new area of musical possibility. The air resonance frequency is 98 Hertz (G2), and the bottom shell is compact and curved, designed with no opening port to generate the vibrational sound within the vessel. The Harmonic Master HuRing's voice captivates all listeners and features surprisingly intense pulses of the Helmholtz resonance, which can be used in various musical styles. The harmonious Ringding around the central opening is tuned to the partial tones D3, A3, D4 or D#3, A#3, and D#4 to add its own flavor of sound. The result is a powerful reinvention of the modern classic, presenting innovative percussive possibilities. 

Sound Models

AnnaZiska A A# D E F G A

Natural A A# C D F G A

Dominant 7th A C D E F G A

Hitzaz A A# C# D E F A

Melog-Selisir A A# C E F G A

Integral A A# C D E F A

SaBye A B C# D E F# A 

Raga Desya Todi G, A#, C, D, D#, F, G

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Schlagwerk Harmonic Master HuBass®
Bass handpan - make every note count.
Level: Intermediate or Advanced
3 Notes


The Harmonic Master HuBass® is a "Bass handpan" incorporating 3 ding-like basses that produce melodic vibrations designed to complement the other instruments of the Harmonic family but can also be played by itself. The Harmonic Master HuBass's appearance is as unmistakable as its sound, and the bottom shell is a simplified surface with a round port in its center with attributes that use Helmholtz resonance. Like all our handpans, the Harmonic Master HuBass is handcrafted with clear and pure soft bass sound, long sustain, and harmonious connection.