The Harmonic Master HuBass is a "Bass handpan" 3 Ding-like basses that produce melodic bass vibrations, designed to complement the other instruments of the Harmonic family but can also be played by itself. The bottom shell is a simplified surface with a round port in its center with attributes that use Helmholtz resonance. It is handcrafted with clear and pure soft bass sound, long sustain, and harmonious connection.

Harmonic Master HuBass

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,549.00Sale Price
Select Sound Model (3 Ding-like notes)
Carrying Case
  • HB1 D, D#, E

    HB2 D, D#, F

    HB3 D, E, F 

    HB4 D#, E, F

In attempting to keep wait times to a minimum, we are opening only a few spots at a time


The maximum allowed for this instrument is 1 per order


This Harmonic Purchase includes a Protection Cover and Soft Backpack

(2 Protection Covers for Harmonics with 9 - 15 notes)

You can also upgrade to an Evatek 2.0 color carrying case for only USD$50

Color options: Black, Blue Moon, A.J.P, Cayenne, Mustang, Stone Wash, Roan Ruge or Woodbine

Price is based on the number of notes requested

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Shipping method: USPS Priority Mail Express or UPS Worldwide®

All shipments include tracking and insurance

Harmonics ship within 1 - 4 weeks of receiving your order

Material: High-quality German Stainless Steel

Size: 54cm diameter, 10" | 25cm height

Handcrafted masterpiece

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We will contact you promptly upon receiving your order to confirm the details and provide an ETA for completion.

Maker: Harmonic Art, known around the world for their craftsmanship, sound performance and attention to detail

Constructed from premium materials, every detail of the Harmonic has been carefully considered and meticulously crafted to meet each costumer's discerning eye and ear.

About Harmonic

The Harmonic is a handcrafted and hand-tuned instrument made one at a time using top-grade German steel. It is typically played on the player´s lap, using the fingertips and thumbs, and creates with its steel body a beautiful clear, warm, and relaxing sound with long sustain. The tone is pleasing, soothing, relaxing and can be used in a variety of settings both for performance and therapy. You can use it like a self-meditative instrument, with a band or together with another musical instrument. The Harmonic is truly capable of conducting a small orchestra on your lap and bring the music up from the depth of your body.

Our customers are contributors in a journey of artistic expression. We are honored to share with you our craft and love for these instruments, as well as welcome you to our global family of Harmonic players. Our team is grateful to be part of this magical world, and we wish you a blessed and prosperous musical future.


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