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Harmonic Art has created its most exceptional handpan line to date with the Harmonic Master — a collection of five revolutionary sound sculptures designed and crafted for the highest professional quality. This new musical instrument line stands out with its selection of three, seven, eight, twelve, and fifteen musical notes in a single handpan that takes music performance to the next level.


The all-new Harmonic Master musical instruments are handcrafted from top-grade German black coated stainless steel and feature a variety of qualities: inherent rust resistance and long-life wear protection. It has a warm, hypnotic timbre and an extensive selection of scales. Triple or single central dome. Exceptional tuning stability and tone sensibility. Meaningful pure sound, aesthetically pleasing design, and attention to the most exquisite details.

Our newest handpans combines the best technology and the best craftsmanship. We make extraordinarily advanced and creative musical instruments that really fit the players. 

For a limited time while supplies last, get free accessories with the purchase of a Harmonic.

We ship within the United States, from Germany across Europe and from Colombia to the rest of the world.

Free worldwide shipping for all Harmonics. All shipments include tracking and insurance.

Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

The Harmonic Master® 8 is immediately available on the Thomann Store. Buy Now >

Our full collection of Harmonic Master musical instruments are listed (On Request) on the Thomann Store. Request Now >

Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, every Harmonic is a work of art designed to perform at the highest level.


Referral program. Get a free new Evatek Turtle for yourself and a friend! 


Harmonic Art has integrated a referral program into our Online Shop. Since there are many Harmonic players from all around de world, our company created a referral program to attract even more people to get and enjoy our sound sculptures.


If you already own a Harmonic, you can give someone your email as a referral code. The referee must purchase a new Harmonic Master 15 or Harmonic Master 12 through our website and use that code (referrer personal email) on the product page in the Referral ID textbox. Once they use the code, both the referrer and referee get a Evatek Turtle free. This is a very effective referral program because it benefits both parties.


*This program is only valid when making a purchase of a new Harmonic Master 15 or Harmonic Master 12.


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