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What's special about our material? For the last 22 years, carbon and stainless were all the rage. But we have always known that every material has a limit. Our ultra-strong alloy Vibra Steel was selected for its maximum durability, natural corrosion protection, and for providing a better, clear ceramic sound instrument. It delivers a higher volume and is much harder than stainless steel, resulting in an instrument with an ultimate feel yet durable and long-lasting sound.

Co-designed by expert craftsmen at Harmonic Art and Schlagwerk, we have created a line of perfect handpans with distinctive construction processes, a multi-material body and a maintenance-free surface to deliver a new generation of handpans. Experience them yourself and discover the player they'll push you to become.

Schlagwerk Harmonic Art handpan
Schlagwerk Harmonic Art

Experience a variety of different, hand-tuned, exquisite instruments that offer more than you expect in perfect tune. Choose your favorite model, discover its musical characteristics and get your brand-new Harmonic in your hands.

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Harmonic Art Free Online Course - Anyone can learn Handpan: Enjoy this introductory course collaboration between Harmonic Art and Escuela Internacional del Handpan to learn how to play the Harmonic. Beginners will be able to make this sounds lovely as we use the best building practices possible. Have fun playing, learn fast and start playing beautifully today!. Designed and played by Vittorio Zuliani. 

Harmonic Art Vittorio Zuliani

Vittorio Zuliani

We are proud to offer Harmonics that have clear tonality, stable dynamic range, crisp tones, and unrivaled sustain resulting in instruments that empower your passion for creating beautiful music. It's always a joy to have options, and now you can find your way to play. We hope you love the Schlagwerk Harmonic Master line as much as we do. 

Can I pick up my Harmonic in person? Yes! We love meeting our customers. Send in an email to schedule an appointment with us.

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