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Harmonic Art Free Online Course - Anyone can learn Handpan: Enjoy this introductory course collaboration between Harmonic Art and Escuela Internacional del Handpan to learn how to play the Harmonic. Beginners will be able to make this sounds lovely as we use the best building practices possible. Have fun playing, learn fast and start playing beautifully today!. Designed and played by Vittorio Zuliani. 

Harmonic Art Vittorio Zuliani

Vittorio Zuliani. 

Harmonic Art has created the most exceptional handpan line to date with the Harmonic Master — a collection of revolutionary sound sculptures designed and crafted for the highest professional quality. This new musical instrument line stands out with its selection of up to 15 musical notes in a single instrument that elevates performance to a new level of sound and beauty.


The Harmonic Master musical instruments are handcrafted from top-grade German coated composite stainless steel and treated with a unique alloy process for a responsive feel and exceptional tonal characteristics, along with a  variety of features including: Inherent rust resistance, long-life wear protection, hypnotic timbre, and an extensive selection of scales. All Harmonics are designed for novices, hobbyists, professional handpan players, and busking musicians of all levels and experiences.

We ship from Spain across Europe, from Colombia to the United States and the rest of the world, and offer free worldwide shipping for all Harmonics. All shipments include tracking and insurance.

Exports of Harmonics to the United States are duty-free upon arrival. United States- Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement. The United States—Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) is a comprehensive free trade agreement that provides elimination of tariffs and removes barriers to the United States.

Our handpans combine the best technology and the craftsmanship. We make extraordinarily advanced and creative musical instruments to fit our players. Harmonic Art believes in an artistic and loving community's capacity to create a beautiful sound sculpture that invokes peace, serenity, self-discovery, and a unique experience through sound and harmony. We are continually striving to refine our instruments and your experience with us from end-to-end. We are honored to have artists push the boundaries of musical possibility to create inspiring music.

Can I pick up my Harmonic in person? Yes! We love meeting our customers. Send in an email to schedule an appointment with us.

Harmonics are tuned to standard A-440Hz pitch. You can choose your central note style and frequency 432Hz if you are ordering a custom instrument.

For a limited time, get free accessories with the purchase of a Harmonic.

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We are proud to offer Harmonics that have clear tonality, stable dynamic range, crisp tones, and unrivaled sustain resulting in instruments that empower your passion for creating beautiful music. It's always a joy to have options, and now you can find your way to play. We hope you love the Harmonic Master line as much as we do. 

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Our collection of Harmonic Master musical instruments is available on the Thomann Store. 

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Harmonic Art Master handpans

Harmonic Art showroom. The biggest collection of the finest handpans in the world.

Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, every Harmonic is a work of art designed to perform at the highest level.


Referral program. Get a free new MEINL Sonic Energy Harmonic Art Handpan Rest for yourself and a friend! 


Harmonic Art has integrated a referral program into our Online Shop. Since there are many Harmonic players from all around the world, our company created a referral program to attract even more happy customers to enjoy our sound sculptures.


If you already own a Harmonic, you can give someone your email as a referral code. The referral recipient must purchase a new Harmonic Master 12 or 15 through our website and use that code (referrer personal email) on the product page in the Referral ID textbox. Once they use the code, both the referrer and recipient get a MEINL Sonic Energy Harmonic Art Handpan Rest free. This program is only valid when purchasing a new Harmonic Master 12 or 15 and applies only to residents of Europe.


Do you have a Handpan to trade-in? Up to $300 off.

Here’s how Harmonic Art trade-in works: For a limited time, trade-in your Handpan towards the purchase of a new Harmonic Master 15.

1. Check Handpan trade-in value. Check your used Handpan trade-in value using our system on the Product Page. We accept Handpans from all makers.

2. Ship Handpan. Upon completion of your purchase, you will have 14 days to ship your trade-in Handpan to us. Once we receive your e-mail with a shipping label for your used trade-in Handpan, our team will ship your new Harmonic Master 15 to you.