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Videos & Sound Models

The Harmonic is crafted in several sound models, tuned to produce clean and consistent results that we hope will bring you joy for years to come. Most demo videos are improvisations to give you a general sense of how each tuning sounds on the Harmonic. The Harmonic is built with a basic structure in a “zig-zag” layout, enabling the player to work on a musical scale. We craft instruments for the best possible resonance to last a lifetime. Our refined architecture and design focus on a balanced timbre, excellent tuning stability, tuned shoulder tones, and note sensitivity and strength. Different sound models will evoke different moods and feelings. We are proud of all the sound models we build and tune; our goal is your satisfaction with a Harmonic in any tune.


Andrés Gomm

Harmonic S9

Harmonic S10

Harmonic M8