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The Harmonic is crafted in several sound models that can be found below or on our YouTube channel. Tuned to produce clean and consistent results of which we hope will bring you sonic joy for years to come. Most of the demo videos are improvisations to give you a general sense of how each tuning sounds on the Harmonic. We craft instruments for the best possible resonance and to last a lifetime. The Harmonic is built with a basic structure in a zig-zag layout, with a low tone in the center. It allows the player to work on a musical scale both as a solo instrumentalist and with a group. Our refined architecture and design focus on a balanced timbre, excellent tuning stability, tuned shoulder tones, and both note sensitivity and note strength. We are proud of all of the sound models we build and tune; our goal is your satisfaction with a Harmonic in any tune. 

Julian Azcarate

Harmonics are created with such beauty, quality, excellence, and material elements that transfer immaterial experiences into something you can feel. We believe it is perfect balance and sympathy, along with ease of play, that makes it such a great experience: when music makes way for expression. That’s remarkably beautiful.

Harmonic Master 8

SaByeD D/ A B C# D E F# A 

Integral D/ A A# C D E F A

Dominant 7th D/ A C D E F G A

Natural D/ A A# C D F G A

Hitzaz D/ A A# C# D E F A

AnnaZiska D/ A A# D E F G A

Raga Desya Todi D#/ G A# C D D# F G

Free Integral C#/ G# A B C# D# E G# 

Melog-Selisir F/ A A# C E F G A

Natural Prime F/ A A# C D F G A

Akebono F/ A# C C# D# F F# A#

Dorian F/ A# C D D# F G A#

Harmonic Minor E/ G B C D# E F# G

Equinox E/ G B C D E F# G

Meinl Harmonic Art Pro

Meinl Harmonic Pro Black by Liron Meyuhas

Meinl Harmonic Pro Bronzite

Meinl Harmonic Pro White Jade

        Comparison demo of some sound models by David Kuckhermann 

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