Schlagwerk Harmonic Master Handpans


After 22 years, the limits of carbon and stainless have been broken

Co-designed by expert craftsmen at Harmonic Art and Schlagwerk, we have created a line of perfect handpans with distinctive construction processes, a multi-material body, and a maintenance-free surface to deliver a new generation of handpans.

The Harmonic Art and Schlagwerk collaboration is rooted in performance and attention to detail. Both brands embrace their obsession with meticulous design, creating musical instruments for those who seek meaningful sound. Experience them yourself and discover the player they'll push you to become.

Harmonic Art handpan pantam hang drum
Harmonic Art handpan pantam hang drum
Harmonic Art handpan pantam hang drum

Our team at Harmonic Art focuses on one simple goal — creating the finest handpans, valued for their sound performance and sophisticated beauty. The perfect blend of art and engineering, design, craftsmanship, and meaningful sound has solidified Harmonic Art's reputation for making the most exceptional handpans. Countless players around the world trust our precision-tuned and hand-finished sound sculptures. 

We are honored to have a wide community of players in Germany, Colombia, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, the United States, and all around the world. An unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, performance and quality excellence are core values of the Harmonic Art tradition.