Masterful craftsmanship —  the ultimate handpan expression

The new 2020 Harmonic Master 8

Handcrafted from top-grade german black coated Stainless Steel. Inherent rust resistance. Aesthetically pleasing design with meaningful sound. Warm, hypnotic timbre, and a large variety of scales. Maintenance-free surface. Single or triple central dome. Long-life wear protection and attention to the most exquisite details. Excellent tuning stability and tone sensibility. The most exceptional Harmonic designed and crafted for the highest professional quality. 

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Meinl Harmonic Art Pro

Crafted with beauty, quality, and excellence.

Our team at Harmonic Art is focused on one simple goal — creating the finest handpans, valued for their sound performance as well as their beauty. The perfect blend of art and engineering, design, craftsmanship, and meaningful sound has solidified Harmonic Art's reputation for making the most exceptional handpans. Our precision-tuned and hand-finished musical instruments are trusted by countless players around the world. 


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