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The Harmonic is a handcrafted and hand-tuned instrument made one at a time using top-grade German steel. It is typically played on the player’s lap, using the fingertips and thumbs. The tone is pleasing, soothing, and relaxing, allowing the player to work on a musical scale both as a solo instrumentalist and with a group.

Francesco Fasanaro


The Harmonic Art handpan enhances both sound and aesthetics. It offers unique features that allow the instrument’s sound to be remarkably clear and pure. The entire ranges of sounds are combined in a way that the overtones are strikingly enhanced, creating an extraordinary harmonic connection with the rest of the instrument. The instruments are made from high-grade German steel and adequately treated with a combined thermal process used to increase the resistance, the stability of the steel, and help minimize any corrosion. The steel used for the Harmonic is exceptionally resistant, resulting in an instrument with a perfectly soft yet durable, and long-lasting sound. The Harmonic is a musical piece of art to be enjoyed for numerous years.

Meinl Harmonic Art handpan

Madeleine Rivera

Meinl Harmonic Art handpan
Meinl Harmonic Art handpan
Meinl Harmonic Art handpan
Meinl Harmonic Art handpan

Meinl Sonic Energy Harmonic Art handpan 

Harmonic Art is proud to partner with Meinl Percussion. Meinl Sonic Energy Harmonic Art handpans are hand made one at a time using top grade german steel. Genuine masterpieces of sound built by our team at Harmonic Art exclusively for Meinl can be purchased through this company and its worldwide distributors. 


The Harmonic is strictly made and detailed in a tuning ring by hand until obtaining the correct note, pitch, and form. It is rich in resonance and built with an artistic spirit and soul, allowing the instrument to be delicate yet expressive. It is built for free improvisation, self exploration, and has the ability to be played in conjunction with other musical instruments.

Harmonic Art Campus located in Medellín, Colombia. 

The Harmonic upper shell has a central note and has tone fields around it, all of which are hand-tuned. Depending on how it is played, it may sound like a harp, bell, or as a steelpan. Its notes have a zig-zag sequence on its outer circle from the lowest to the highest. This allows performers to ascend or descend the scale by playing the notes alternately with his/her right and left hand. Each tone field has multiple overtones on a flat area around an inverted oval in the middle, with gaps between the notes for percussive slaps.


The Harmonic generates clear, elongated, and balanced tones along with appropriately isolated and controlled overtones. The materials used for the Harmonic are carefully selected for not only a beautifully sounding but also a strikingly impressive sculpture. The Harmonic is a straightforward and effortless instrument to play. Without the use of any wrong musical notes in the scale, it is fully capable of generating a prolonged, serene, and hypnotic sound. The complementary notes also have a pure and soft sound while being played. The Harmonic provides the rarest of gifts, creative freedom for all.

The lower half shell is a simplified surface with a round port in its center. It is tuned in a way that when the player slaps the rim of the port, a note with a long sustain can be generated. It is built so that it may also create a low tone when slapping it with the palm. The lower half shell has Ghatam / Udu attributes that use Helmholtz resonance. The Harmonic has a circular high-quality rubber seal that protects the outer circumference of the instrument. The opening of the lower shell is shaped with a double curvature for a more comfortable grip while being transported.

Soothing, resonating, and enchanting, the sound of the Harmonic captivates and works excellent for sound healing, meditation, and yoga, as well as for developing skills in playing a percussion instrument. Every note on your Harmonic should be fine-tuned, with overtones that give each a rich, layered quality.


Each fundamental tone has an overtone tuned to an octave above it, and an additional compound fifth note above the octave. The overtones can be highlighted or silenced; this depends on how and where the musician strikes the notes. Players can activate the octave note when striking the long side, and the compound fifth can be activated when striking the short side. The overtones may be heard as an integrating part of the note being played, among various levels of overtones that float around the main notes. 


The Harmonic is a captivating and charming musical instrument. It represents the union and requirements of an excellent quality sound sculpture, contributing exceptionally to a family of XXI century musical instruments; it is truly unique and powerfully exclusive.

Harmonic Art® is a registered trademark for musical instruments.


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