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About the Harmonic

The Harmonic Art handpan is a meticulously crafted and tuned steel instrument made from top-quality materials. This exquisite sound sculpture produces a clear and captivating sound that has a heavenly and relaxing quality to it. The Harmonic boasts of unparalleled tonal quality, stable dynamic range, and crisp tones that make it perfect for various settings, including performance, improvisation, sound healing, meditation, yoga, and percussion playing skill development.

The Harmonic is a hand-forged musical instrument that is carefully crafted to achieve the correct note, pitch, and form. It is made of exceptionally resilient steel, resulting in an instrument with a soft yet durable and long-lasting sound. The Harmonic's unique design produces a sonic range that enhances the overtones throughout the entire instrument, while also producing a remarkably clear and pure tonality. The instrument is usually placed on a stand or on the musician's lap, and the fingertips and thumbs are used to strike different areas on the surface to create distinct tones. Harmonic Art handpans are mesmerizing musical instruments that are perfect for free improvisation and self-exploration, and they also complement other musical instruments beautifully.

Harmonic Art handpans

Constructed with the utmost attention to detail, every Harmonic Art is a true masterpiece.

Harmonic Art is the place to go if you're looking for the largest handpan collection available today. Located in Medellín, Colombia, our Harmonic Art Campus is where we create the finest handpans made with premium materials and quality craftsmanship. Our headquarters, the Harmonic House, is a purpose-built workspace dedicated solely to crafting beautiful handpans. Every detail of the Harmonic Art handpan is carefully considered and meticulously crafted to meet the discerning eye and ear of each customer. Our handpans are built using strategic hammering techniques, strobe tuning devices, well-trained ears, and years of experience.

Discover the unmatched quality and excellence of Harmonic Art - the ultimate choice for you. Our rich history and global presence in the market prove our unparalleled commitment to players satisfaction. With our factory's extensive experience in producing the latest high-quality Handpan models, we inspire to make a difference in the world of music. Harmonic instruments are well-known in the community and our maintenance-free solution to protect the steel sets us apart. Choose Harmonic Art today and experience our passion for excellence and attention to detail.

The Harmonic is an exquisite and distinctive musical instrument that generates a captivating and enchanting sound, which can resemble a harp, bell, or steelpan, based on its mode of play. The notes are arranged in a beautiful "zig-zag" pattern from the lowest to the highest pitch on its outer circle. This arrangement enables performers to create a stunning melody by alternating the notes with their right and left hands.


The upper shell of the Harmonic is designed with a distinguished central note as well as hand-tuned tone fields around its periphery, resulting in an optimal sound quality. The Harmonic's tone fields are designed with a series of multiple overtones that are positioned on a flat area around an inverted oval in the middle. Additionally, percussive slaps can be played in the gaps between the notes to create a unique sound.


Each fundamental tone on the Harmonic has an overtone tuned to an octave above and an additional compound fifth above the octave. The overtones can be highlighted or silenced depending on how and where the musician strikes the notes. The player can activate the octave note when striking the long side, and the compound fifth can be triggered when striking the short side. The overtones can be heard as an integral part of the note played between different overtone levels, creating a rich, layered quality to each note. The original Harmonic lower half shell is a simplified surface with a round opening in the center, and Ghatam / Udu attributes that use Helmholtz resonance. This shell is tuned to produce a long, sustained tone when the player strikes the edge of the opening and can create a low tone when slapped with the palm. The outer circumference has a protective trim ring made of high-quality rubber, and the lower shell opening is shaped with a double curvature to provide a more comfortable grip during transport.


The Harmonic is truly capable of conducting a small orchestra on your lap, bringing the music up from the depths of your body. The materials used for the Harmonic are carefully selected to produce a beautiful sound and ensure that the instrument is an impressive sculpture. Unlike other instruments, there are no musical modalities or methods to learn, memorize, or pre-written musical scores or songs. This instrument combines rhythm, melody, and harmony in a single flow, offering creative freedom to all musicians.


Playing the Harmonic is an immersive and captivating experience. This instrument produces a mesmerizing sound that creates a tranquil and soothing atmosphere without the possibility of hitting any wrong notes. The resulting sound is pure, harmonious, and truly enchanting, making it a favorite among seasoned musicians and music enthusiasts alike.


The Harmonic is a fascinating and enchanting musical instrument that embodies the perfect fusion of exceptional sound quality and artistic design. It is truly one-of-a-kind and possesses the capability to produce a breathtaking sound that can captivate the hearts and minds of all those who hear it.

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