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Harmonic Care

We welcome you to our Harmonic Art family. It's important to note that understanding musical theory or experience is not required to play the Harmonic. When tuned to our specific scale, there are no "wrong notes" that sound "out of melody" - the handpan can be played anywhere and in any position. This versatility allows the musician to be guided by their internal inspiration and emotional connection with the soul of the Harmonic. The Harmonic Art handpan brings this fantastic gift of music into the hands of anyone. All it takes is a simple tap of the notes to produce a beautiful, harmonious sound.

The Harmonic Art team is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation to create high-quality sound sculptures that enrich your life. A belief that a better process will result in a better uniform and consistent quality musical instrument. We use specially selected steel from Germany that ensures both excellent tuning stability and surface protection and produces alluring sustain, balanced timbre, and beautifully enveloping tones. There is no automation in making or tuning a Harmonic, and based on years of metallurgical research, it is the most refined handpan in existence. 

Harmonics are not only a musical instrument but also one of a kind piece of art. Following these care recommendations will ensure the Harmonic remains in perfect shape for you to enjoy.

This musical instrument is classified as a sound sculpture designed to be played with the fingers and cannot be played as a traditional drum. Therefore, do not use sticks, drumsticks, or other tools to perform with the Harmonic. We recommend using the fingertips softly, which will be enough to create tones from the instrument. The Harmonic feels quite "alive" and responsive when played gently and delicately. 


The difference between the Inpex (inward) and Apex (outward) dimple on the center note is that the Inpex is more integrated with the other notes' timbre on the instrument. When striking the flat tone field around the dimple, there is a more harmonic presence. By hitting the Inpex dimple, the more fundamental tone will be heard, which is the same effect found in the Apex dimple.

The Harmonic is hands down the best handpan available today. Once you get your hands on a Harmonic, you will find out why nothing is quite like it. 

After many years of work perfecting the ring of steel, Harmonic Art handpans are known worldwide for their craftsmanship, sound performance, and attention to detail. We are constantly refining the sound quality, increasing our range of notes, and pushing the boundaries of contemporary design to develop your Harmonic Art handpan.  

Harmonic Art believes in an artistic and loving community's capacity to create a beautiful sound sculpture that invokes peace, serenity, self-discovery, and a unique experience through sound and harmony. We continually strive to refine our instruments and your experience with us from end to end. 

When recording with the Harmonic, we recommend a condenser microphone, which reduces noise and has a wide frequency response for remarkable sound quality. For the best quality recording notes from the bottom shell, we recommend using at least an additional microphone that points from the ground to the bottom shell notes. You could also use two microphones on each side at a similar height to the outer diameter flange and pointing toward the instrument. 


Do Not: Expose the Harmonic to excessively high or low temperatures or direct sunlight. Drop the Harmonic from your lap or at any height. Store anything inside the Harmonic inner chamber. Hit the Harmonic inner or outer surface with any hard objects.


Always place the Protection Cover on the Harmonic playing surfaces when stored. The Protection Cover does not protect the outer rim of the Harmonic but only the playing surface. The top and bottom half-shells are joined by specialized thermal welding, which helps the instrument’s sound; therefore, be careful and avoid any vertical external shocks when the Harmonic is inside or outside the Soft Backpack. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Harmonic Art musical instruments are handcrafted from ultra-strong Vibra Stainless Steel, selected for its maximum durability, natural corrosion protection and for providing a better, clear ceramic sound instrument. For this reason, maintenance is NOT necessary. The Harmonic is entirely maintenance-free. As a result, your instrument will last for a lifetime. Enjoy your high-quality Harmonic Art handpan!

As handpan players begin their journey with these masterfully crafted sound sculptures, they will be treated to an immersive "unboxing" experience. Every detail of the Harmonic Art box has been carefully considered.

The Harmonic is shipped in a protected and sturdy package - a reinforced cardboard box with molded styrofoam inserts. Our experienced tuner maintains high consistency in quality standards for every Harmonic produced and inspects each instrument before shipping to ensure quality is maintained.

We want you to love your new Harmonic. However, if you need to exchange an instrument, we are here to help. Notify us about your decision within three days, and you have 14 days to return from the date you received your instrument. We do not accept returns or issue refunds. Contact us with any questions, and we will provide detailed instructions.

We guarantee the excellence of our product. If you have a concern or any other difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to help you promptly. We'll gladly provide a fresh tune-up or perform maintenance or repairs on your Harmonic to ensure that each instrument sounds at its best for players and listeners. Our client satisfaction is indispensable to our business - 100% of our customers and counting have been satisfied with our product! Need a Harmonic tune-up? Get in touch.

If you have any questions that are not covered here or any doubts about the instructions listed above, please get in touch with us, and we will happily provide you with customer service support for our musical instruments. 


Our team is grateful to be part of this magical world, and we wish you a blessed and prosperous musical journey.


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