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What Harmonic Players Say

Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, every Harmonic Art handpan is a work of art designed to meet each customer's discerning eye and ear. We hope you will join us in sharing creative passions. Countless players around the world trust our precision-tuned and hand-finished musical instruments. 

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Harmonic Art Test Review

Mauna | Colombia ☑️ Verified Purchase 

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to play the Harmonic S. The first touch of the instrument evoked my deepest emotions, leaving me speechless. The notes’ long sustain, the harmonics’ richness, and the incredible sound accuracy took me to another dimension, connecting directly with my heart. The instrument’s impeccable craftsmanship, filled with love and passion, allows one to experience an entire universe in every note, truly a blessing in anyone’s life 🩶

Max Gerwien | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase


Its an honor for me to play your Harmonic art instruments. I played different handpans including the  hangdrum from switzerland. But I have to say, that your handpans are the best Handpans I ve ever played ✌🙏

María Rosalva | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase

Hola! Solo confirmando que llegó mi Harmonic S9 🥰


Franck Sphota | France ☑️ Verified Purchase


Thanks! I love this harmonicart Handpan! I Never tire of it and discover New possibilités with each use.


Daniel Fleischmann | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase


Your Instruments sound beautiful!!! I am a lucky guy to be playing the Integral Handpan!!❤️❤️🙌

Ross McCallum | Australia ☑️ Verified Purchase


It's really great to be in this community with Harmonic Art - I'm very grateful to be here even though I'm quite new. The great craftsmanship that has gone into the handpan I play can really be felt in each touch and I love that about it.


Nanto | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase


Dear friends, I sent my hand Pan to Andrés Gomm in Barcelona after it was upset after a fall. There it was retuned and the result is fantastic! Thank you for the good work and great service. Best regards, Nanto


Apichaya Kongkarnka | Thailand ☑️ Verified Purchase 


I just got my Harmonic Handpan! I just want to give thanks to everyone that involved in making and sending this beautiful instrument to me It sounds so beautiful and healing. The team always responded and willing to help even after the purchase is done. I’m very happy with my choice to choose my beautiful instrument from here Thank you and wish you all the best to create more harmonic to the world.


Houmaan | Iran ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Started my handpan journey with this beautiful piece of art and still enjoying,thank you harmonicart!


Asterios | United Kingdom ☑️ Verified Purchase 


This is the best Handpan Drum I've found!

High quality and a very nice price from Thomann!


Lets's see the main pros!

- Made of high quality German stainless steel!

- Expressive and warm sound, full of nice overtones!

- Tuning is fine, as it's the design!

- Hard shell cover and backpack bag are included!


There are no cons for me!

The only thing I would like to see is some models tuned in 432HZ, as I prefer that tuning!


All in all, a fine handpan with a very nice price (thanks to Thomann!)

Highly recommended, if you want a high quality stainless steel handpan with a very nice price!!

Happy new year everyone!! :-)


Lacen | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Überzeugt! Preis/Leistung optimal, 

sehr schöne klangfarbe und durch die 12 Töne besonders grosse Spielfreude!


Jose Torres | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Casi 5 años desde el harmonic y parece que sea ayer. Estaba recordando el dia que lo compré, tengo toda la conversación guardada desde que lo pedí, hasta el video que os envíe tocando después de tres meses, que diferencia a como toco ahora, sigo sin tocar una canción completa :) pero disfruto como un enano, antes con las puntas de los dedos, ahora con las yemas de los mismo y con suavidad, casi ni se oye el golpe y sacando mucho más sonido


Francesco Fasanaro | Italy ☑️ Verified Purchase 


I've owned this handpan for about a year and can honestly say it is an excellent instrument. The layer of paint helps to attenuate the too metallic sound, and it is possible to obtain a clear and precise, and balanced sound with an excellent sustain.


Alex Monsa | Colombia ☑️ Verified Purchase 


My experience with the Harmonic handpan has been great !! Its sound and vibration are very relaxing, and I use them for meditation and performance. It is also nice when mixed with other instruments to make music because its sound is very special. I want to be around people who like to work and have a passion for what they do. You can feel that with Harmonic Art.


Andrés Gomm | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase 


I love playing the Harmonic, a very impressive, dynamic handpan, and it sounds beautiful! The clarity, the intuitiveness, the tone, the balance, the feel... Everything is just incredible. Harmonic Art handpans feature unique finishes that highlight them as true masterpieces. They are tuned in different scales and are great for meditation & yoga. I would highly recommend the Harmonic Art handpans to anyone looking for these hand-hammered sound sculptures.


Laurent Fouache | France ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Now I have my MASTER12 ursa minor D, and i'm so happy, i want to thank all of you guys you are the best !


Zill | France ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Instrument sympa. Très belle fabrication qui implique un bon son, clair et chaud sans harmoniques disgracieuses. Protection et sac à dos de protection de bonne qualité. Je le recommande.


Gast | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Die Handpans von Harmonic Art (ich hatte Gelegenheit bei einem renommierten fränkischen Musikhaus alle zu testen) haben allesamt einen angenehm warmen Klang mit sauberer Intonation. Sechs verschiedene Skalen stehen zur Auswahl; da sollte eigentlich für jeden Geschmack was dabei sein. Ich habe mich für die HD2 Equinox entschieden. Selbige war schon bei den Soundfiles im Netz mein Favorit.

Clara F. | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase 


I've been looking at the Harmonic Art Handpans for a while now to use in my programs and I've also been fortunate enough to have been able to test play it before buying it online and I must say this deal is as good as it gets. A lovely and clear sounding Handpan.


Mathias R | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Wundervoll verarbeitetes Instrument und handwerklich ein Meisterstück.

Alles was ich mir von dem Instrument Handpan gewünscht habe, wurde mir von Harmonic Art mehr als erfüllt. Die einzelnen Klangfelder sprechen leicht auf Schläge an, sind sehr rein in ihrer Tonlage und haben einen langen Sustain. Die Stimmung ist perfekt und passt hervorragend auch zu anderen Instrumenten. Zusammen mit dem Harmonic Art Pflegewachs ergibt sich eine besondere Haptik auf dem Instrument und der Stahl wird vor äußeren Einflüssen geschützt. Ich spiele fast jeden Tag auf der Handpan und auch Freunde und Bekannte sind begeistert von dem Instrument. Unter den Harmonic Art Handpans besitzt die HD4 meine Lieblingsstimmung und lässt mit der Moll Tonleiter viel Spielraum für nachdenkliche und träumerische Klangabfolgen.

Besonders der Basston F klingt sehr angenehm und untermahlt die höheren Töne mit einem weichen Bassteppich. Je nach Anschlagspunkt klingen auch die anderen Tonfelder mehr oder weniger leicht mit. Auch zwischen den Klangfeldern lassen sich interssante Percussionsounds Klangüberlagerungen erzeugen. Der Mitgelieferte Rucksack ist weich gepolstert und angenehm auf dem Rücken zu tragen und die Stahlabdeckung schützt zusätzlich vor Schlägen oder Stürzen unterwegs.

Die Handpan ist zwar etwas teurer als die anderer Hersteller, dafür ist die Verarbeitung top und allein das Anschauen und die wundervolle leichte organische Maserung des Stahls machen schon Spaß. Ein Kunstwerk in Musik und Handwerk


Franz T | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Nicht nur optisch schön, kling auch sehr fein.


Claudio Canzano | Italy ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Happy to announce my collaboration Ambassador with one of the most important Handpan makers in the world: Harmonic Art. Heartfelt thanks Miss. Madeleine Rivera.


Kathleen Heard | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Robin received his handpan yesterday. It arrived in perfect condition and tone is perfect!. He will be sending you pictures and a video shortly. Thank you so much!


Lukas Janzen | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Thank you for making such amazing instruments! I got my Harmonic Supreme Dominant 7th about two months ago and played almost every day on it.


To me it feels like the sound from it immediately “touches” my brain. Hard to describe.. but you know that your Handpans sound great anyway 


Beat Schenkel | Bali ☑️ Verified Purchase 


More than a year ago I purchased your "Dominant 7th D/ A, C, D, E, F, G, A" model. Loving it!


Jerome Duval-Fleury | Australia ☑️ Verified Purchase 


I got my harmonic art! Whaouuu soooooo goooooddddddd :)))) Really happy! 


Few gigs coming soon. The instrument improved so much since the first generation made by PanArt!


Alfredo Megy | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hey guys! I truly appreciate how the makers of this magnificent instrument have treated me as a customer. I come and go from LA to Argentina, so I had it shipped to my home in Los Angeles. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, went on as smooth as silk! Very professional human beings that CARE about their customers. I thank all the people at Harmonic Art and... If you´re planning on getting one of these beauties, don´t hesitate :) BTW.: I posted a vid of me playing the Hand Pan for the second time in my life ha! If you guys want, I can send it. Thanx again!!


Laurent Pujol | France ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hello !!!


Just a little post to express my gratitude about my harmonic sculptor.


It was received very quickly and very well packaged. No problems with customs or any import tax to pay. Customer service is outstanding : regular updates about my order, videos of my handpan before shipping... Quality of the harmonic sculptor itself is very good : beautiful sound just as in the videos, great artwork,


I would recommend this to anyone !!


Andres Salinas | Mexico ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Harmonic crew, I just got my new handpan and it exceeded my expectations! this instrument is literaly an harmonic jewel. thank you!!


Jose Rebolar | Chile ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Estoy feliz con mi instrumento Harmonic!!! Muchisimas gracias!!!


Edgar Díaz | México ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Muchas gracias está excelente el instrumento, ahora lo utilizaré para dar terapia con sonido y lo acompañaré con Cuencos de Cuarzo y Didgeridoo, saludos.


Ezri Jacquez | Mexico ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Finalmente mi instrumento del espacio llego a mi. Ahora a fluir y practicar 😍😍👽 gracias Harmonic por tan bella creación! 


Gracias universo por tanta integridad!

Niro Delfar | France ☑️ Verified Purchase 


hello harmonic sound family !!


I received my Harmonic this morning! :) It looks great and the sound is good !! thank you


I send you photos and videos soon !!


have a nice day


see you soon





Sarah Rüsch | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hello Madeleine,


my Harmonic arrived this evening.

Thank you soooooooo much!!! I' m so happy!!!

It sounds wonderful and I will make a great job with it with much love and fun.


Thank you very much!


Monika Zairi | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase 




I have received my handpan! I love it! Thank you!


Alberto Bonato | Italy ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hi there, I received the Handpan and I'm very happy of it!!


Thank you and kind regards


Jeannot Pirrotte | Luxembourg ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hi there, I just received the Harmonic Supreme Equinox. Fantasic instrument! Thank you for the communication and the fast handling. Many greetings from Luxembourg Jeannot Pirrotte - Drum Circle facilitator & african percussion


Steve Gillis | Canada ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hi Madeleine,


Just a quick note to say thanks again to your team for the Supreme Natural D Harmonicart sent to me here in Canada earlier this year.


It really has been such a pleasure having this addition to my collection.


Thanks for your very kind service and prompt attention to my every question and concern.


Best wishes for the holidays


Gonzalo Baena | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Muy buenas tardes!!!! Madelein


Comunicarte, que ya recibí, los dos paquetes, todo perfecto,

Maravillado con el Sabye, que escala más maravillosa!


Me siento un privilegiado, gracias a vosotros,


Paz, y armonía, os deseo,






Rodolfo Duran | Costa Rica ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hola, excelente servicio y el instrumento impresionante.


Lynnette Stevens | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hi Madeline,


I'm so happy to have received my handpan! 


Thank you for my beautiful Harmonic. I love it! 


Aloha from Hawaii, Lynnette Stevens

Joshua Jorgensen | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hello Harmonic Art team just dropping in to say that the Russian tuning drum landed safely and it's a very uplifting and beautiful sounding pan! thank you again for all your amazing and hard work cheers! -Joshua


Faraz Kianpour | Iran ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hello0o Harmonic Art Team ; Thank you So much for Lovely instrument , i just received that couple hours ago , and now i'm walking in the air :)


Jürgen LUNZER | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


loud-but fully sensual**hard-but fully strongness & so verry verry  😏 h a r m o n i c I love this "MORE THAN" an instrument.......


Norman Capito | Thailand ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hello, thank the Harmonic Art has arrived safe with me here in Thailand.


Thank you for your service.


Demetrio Barreto | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hola!! Contentisimo con la llegada del Harmonic! He querido mucho tiempo tener uno. Un abrazo y gracias por todo el trato que ha sido muy amable!!


Deller-Graf Mirjam | Switzerland ☑️ Verified Purchase


Ich liebe es so sehr zu spielen!!! es ist einfach wundervoll!!! Ich freue mich sehr auf das zweite Harmonic :o)))


Liebe Grüsse




Alvaro Arias Herrero | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hola buen día! comentar que hoy día llegó el Harmonic! Maravilloso :) muchas gracias por todo, a sido un placer!


Ahora toca practicar y sin duda compartiré con vosotros los archivos que vaya subiendo a internet.


Un abrazo grande y cuídense!!


Jens Hagmaier | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase


i received my harmonic sculpture 2day... and it sounds brilliant !! thanks for the good support and a beautifull instrument !


Annelies Van mol | Belgium ☑️ Verified Purchase


The harmonic arrived save and Well! It sounds Very Nice, Thanks for the hard work!


Joshua Jorgensen | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Happy new year everyone down at harmonic art=) i hope all is well just wanted to update and say THANK YOU again for making this amazing sculpture! I'm in love with it. Keep up the amazing work!


Robbie Peroni | Australia ☑️ Verified Purchase


Thank you very much


I have now received your beautiful instrument/art piece and will cherish it for my life




Rob Peroni


Rajiv Hariharan | India ☑️ Verified Purchase


Thank you so much for the wonderful instrument. I received it today smile emoticon


Hampus Tauber | Sweden ☑️ Verified Purchase


I recieved my Harmonic yesterday and it looks and sounds amazing!


Thank you so much for all the support and fast responses!




Mikel Manfredini | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Just received my Harmonic Art Handpan IntegralD and it is beautiful and the sound is amazing. Thank you guys. Bless You


David Lahey | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hi Harmonic Art, Happy new year. I received my Dominant Alto 7 yesterday and it is wonderful! Such a happy scale and can play it for hours..


Jose David Villamizar | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


6 months with my harmonic and it still sounds amazing, thank you!!!


Stéphane Poirot | France ☑️ Verified Purchase




I just got my instrument in good condition, very good sound, I am satisfied, thank you!!


Michel Moreno | Mexico ☑️ Verified Purchase


Muy buenas tardes,


Les notifico que ya tengo poco más de un mes con el Harmonic y suena de maravilla.


Les agradezco enormemente por haber logrado fabricar un instrumento musical tan complejo de hacer.


Pegah Jalali | Iran ☑️ Verified Purchase


Dear Harmonicart


I just received my integral D 2 hours ago, thank you so much for making my dream come true :)


Alex Chun | Russia ☑️ Verified Purchase


Thanks a lot for the beautiful Harmonic Art Natural scale, that arrived safely today. It was very fast shipping) It looks and sounds wonderful . Thank you so much for your Art!


Carlos Arial | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Aloha, just wanted to say the Harmonic sound sculpture is Awsome!!  Mahalo, Carlos


Darwin Leonardo | Colombia ☑️ Verified Purchase


Buen Dia!! les escribo para contarles que el dia de ayer recibi mi harmonic, despues de tanta espera llego la recomensa, muchisimas gracias por hacerme feliz.. suena espectacular.. probe bien la afinacion y perfecto , tanto que ya quisiera adquirir otro.. con otra afinación!


Don V. Lax | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Thank you so much for the beautiful Harmonic Art, that arrived safely today.


I’ll send you a video/recording when I have one ready…


Much aloha, and gratitude-




Hila Yonatan | Israel ☑️ Verified Purchase


Just wanted to let you know that the Harmonic Art handpan has just arrived.


It looks great, and the tuning is amazing :)


I'm learning to play it. When I'm good enough to publish, I'll sure let you guys know.


Thanks for your kind service and communication!


Paolo | Italy ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hi paolo from italy.. My harmonic desya todi arrived At home this morning And it is great...!


Nader Diab | Lebanon


I have received my harmonic safe and in great sound! thank you very much for everything. 


Best regards to you and the Harmonic art team. :)


Anette Timmermann | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Today i picked up my Handpan by costums. Everthing worked great. It sounds very good and i am so happy to be able to play it at last. Thank you so much!! Anette


Moe Sharkawi | United Arab Emirates ☑️ Verified Purchase


Many thanks to the Harmonic Art inspiring team for tailoring this beautiful creation for me and for hosting me to visit your workshop!


Julie Rolland | France ☑️ Verified Purchase




Le colis est bien reçu.

Un grand merci, tout est OK, le son est très bien!


Bien cordialement

Julie Rolland


Julz Davidson | Australia ☑️ Verified Purchase




Thank you  I have received my harmonic drum in Natural scale today!





Carlos Villamizar | Colombia ☑️ Verified Purchase


Estimado Harmonic Art,


Contacte a la empresa transportadora y pudimos adquirir el Harmonic Sculptor, ya esta en nuestras manos. Les escribo esta carta de agradecimiento por toda su gentil atención y ayuda!


Un cordial saludo,

 J.D. Villamizar


Sharon Alderman | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Just received one of these wonderful singing instruments....also hope to upload a video....


Just love this....the handpan in all of it beauty. Haven't got the courage to post anything I am working on but truly in heaven when I play the Raga Deysa Todi D# I received from Harmonic Arts...Love


Erik Elm | France ☑️ Verified Purchase


Thanks Harmonic Art ! :) I have just received this wonderful instrument, sounds perfect !


Daniel Tirado | Colombia ☑️ Verified Purchase


De verdad que ando enamorado del Harmonic Art Handpan, es el instrumento más hermoso que he escuchado en mi vida. Si hago la gira de conferencias de viajes me lo traigo conmigo a sus ciudades y hacemos un buen parche a la salida!


Supe de el en mi pasado viaje a Santiago de Compostela en España, y fue amor a primera vista. 




Nina Wegner | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hello from Germany, I wanna say thank you! I dont know, what to say and how to appreciate the work you´ve done! WOW! I received my harmonic sculptor today and it´s just amazing! Beautiful sound...I am absolutely blessed!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!DANKESCHOEN!!!! You made my day, my life, I am soooo happy!!! THANK YOU!!!!


Ho Fung | Hong Kong ☑️ Verified Purchase




I have received the Harmonic. It sound wonderful! Thanks!


Rudy Albert | France ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hi Everyone, my Harmonic Sculptor Integral just arrived today (very fast shipping by the way) and it sounds amazingly good. I love it already and I can't wait to practice and practice again... Thank you Harmonic team for your really good work on it, it's really a good instrument (the sound is perfect, the instrument itself is really a beauty). I took moths to chose the handpan that fits me, and I think i made the best choice possible, you guys are really good at what you doing, keep going with your amaing job. The handpan sounds good in the videos, it sounds amazingly in real !


Pedro Castaneda | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


I just got my instrument and it sounds amazing , thank you!!!


Roland Schock | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase




thank you very much for the harmonic :-)


she was well and gives me joy.


I have a lot to learn, very much!


Kind Regards


Nico Rabe | South Africa ☑️ Verified Purchase


My Harmonic arrived here last week in South Africa and it looks and sounds great. Keep up the good work. Nico


Sivan Golan | Israel ☑️ Verified Purchase


I received  the Harmonic, and he sounds Amazing!!!

I would like to thank you for everything!

Thank you very much!

Keep in touch.


Luc Mariotti | Switzerland ☑️ Verified Purchase


I just receive my Harmonic and all is ok !! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!! It sounds perfectly like in your video ! Receive my best wishes and my gratitude ! God bless you AHO de Corazon Luca Mariotti


Matias Contreras | Chile ☑️ Verified Purchase


Harmonic Sculptor Natural, Sin duda un instrumento de gran calidad. Llegó en buen estado y con excelente afinación. Gracias por el profesionalismo y dedicación puesta en la fabricación de los Harmonic. Espero a futuro poder comprar el siguiente. Sigan así!!


Pedro Castaneda | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hello I have received the ordered Harmonic Sound Raga scale. I played it with my sister, i like the sound and happy with my purchase and plan to keep it for practise. Thanks for fast delivery.


Juan Pablo | Colombia ☑️ Verified Purchase


Mi Harmonic Integral llego en perfectas condiciones y suena increíble. La mejor compra que pude haber realizado.


Rebel Yell | Italy ☑️ Verified Purchase


My Harmonic Equinox arrived this morning. I was a little bit disappointed to find out the package was opened and not reclosed for inspection by my national postal service. Besides that i'm totally happy with the instrument that has arrived in perfect conditions. Awsome deep sound and harmonics. Videos coming soon. 


These guys at Harmonic really know how to do their job, the sound and armonics are much better than any other hang i have heard on the net, Panart included.


Thanks guys, great job.


Samuel Morrison Pizarro | Mexico ☑️ Verified Purchase


Increible el harmonic escala raja todo fue excelente y sonidos bastante limpios justo lo que me hacia falta para mi proyecto artistico-musical-terapeutico

Gracias por todo Harmonic art


Daniel Puerto Perdomo | Colombia ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hace ya más de 7 mese que recibí mi Harmonic Sculptor cuando me encontraba en Brasil, el instrumento llegó en muy buenas condiciones y en la fecha que me dieron para esperarlo. Escribí al equipo de Harmonic Art en ese momento para informar que todo estaba en orden, pero no escribí aquí porque se me olvidó. Bien, ahora quiero hacer uso de este espacio para compartir mi experiencia. Debo decir que desde el día en que empecé mi experiencia con las personas del equipo de Harmonic he tenido un gran soporte y una excelente atención. Todas mis preguntas siempre han sido respondidas de una manera pronta y efectiva. Tuve la oportunidad de visitarlos en su taller y pude ver el compromiso y el interés que tienen por hacer las cosas bien. Estoy muy feliz con mi Harmonic y junto a él he vivido la posibilidad de tocar con otros Hand Pans de otras marcas como Pan Art, quedando con una agradable sensación al saber que el mio también logra un gran sonido y la contundente emoción que caracteriza a este tipo de instrumentos al escucharlos en vivo. Quiero aclarar que el Pan Art me dejó muy impresionado y que al igual que los Harmonic la calidad es alucinante! Cada uno con sus diferencias claro está. Por esta razón y el tiempo que he pasado junto a mi hand pan puedo recomendar tranquilamente a cualquier persona que quiera sumergirse en la aventura de estos instrumentos los Harmonic Art, que pueden cumplir las grandes expectativas de quienes buscan uno de estos. Al equipo de Harmonic Art simplemente les puedo decir un gran GRACIAS! Por permitir que la confianza que deposité en ustedes hoy sea la satisfacción de haber dado el paso que di cuando decidí adquirir mi Harmonic. Felicitaciones por tan buen trabajo, les deseo grandes éxitos y sé que cada vez será mejor! Salud! P.D. Disculpen lo extenso je je


Association Bouédina | France ☑️ Verified Purchase




I received the parcel and thank you. I realized a short video with my GoPro during the opening of the package.

She will be visible during the day or tomorrow in the evening.

Thank you again for this present which you make me by allowing me to be able to escape with this instrument which I find great.

See you soon for videos and photos.

And I hope that I shall be lucky enough(have the opportunity) to possess one more in another tuning.




Dom Such | UK ☑️ Verified Purchase


Just wanted to let you know both shipments are with us and safe and sound.


the service from Harmonic Art has been first rate.


Kind Regards




Rick Kloog | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Greetings. I received the harmonic and it is in beautiful tune. Thank you.



Brad Haire | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase

My harmonic sculptor was received very quickly and very well packaged. No problems with customs or any import tax to pay. Customer service is outstanding : regular updates about my order, videos of my handpan before shipping... Quality of the harmonic sculptor itself is very good : beautiful sound just as in the videos, great artwork, I recommend this to anybody !!!


Jesus Bueno | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hola amigos , acabo de recibir por fin mi Harmonic , suena fantastico y con una rezonacia ingreible. Gracias


Percussionist Tokhi | Czech Republic ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hi there!!


The Harmonic Sculptor Equinox is great, I play it everytime I can, its beautiful. and I played other hand pans and original Hang, some o them maybe older and slightly out of tune, but I like the Equinox most. truly. almost cried when I tried it first time... 


gracias!  looking forward to play another pieces from yours...



percussionist, DrumCircle Facilitator


Jan G. | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase



just wanted to let you know that the Equinox arrived safe here in Germany. It it a beautiful sounding instrument and I enjoy it a lot. Thank you for sending it!!! Looking forward to the second one as well.


Many greetings from Germany,




i love my harmonic it daily after a hard day at work. By the way..i would like to purchase 2 more for my me!!


Raymond Pir | Luxemburg ☑️ Verified Purchase




The Harmonic arrived best and I want to thank you for your communication and work you did for this instrument be alive.


Best greetings,


Raymond Pir


Chad Zisler | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Today I received my hand pan! It sounds gorgeous! Thank you so much. I will be sure to post some videos once I get a little better.


Clément Fernandez | France ☑️ Verified Purchase


Me llego el Harmonic Sculptor ! Buenisimo, muy buen trabajo ! Me gusta demasiado, es excelente el sonido que tiene.

La verdad que apena tengan otro disponible, de cualquier escala, avisenme que quiero conseguir otro ! Me enamoré de este handpan. Quiero tocar con dos acá en Francia ! Quiero que la gente acá en Europa vea que se hacen muy buenos handpan en Colombia, en America del sur ! Y no solo en Suiza, Alemania o Espana !


La verdad muchas gracias otra vez y felicitaciones ! Avisen cuando tienen otro disponible que se lo compro !




Clement Fernandez.


Manuel Müller | Swizerland ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hello and good Day the Harmonic Art Handpan is arrived yesterday in my Hands.

I have many Handpans at Home....


I will say ....

The Harmonic Art Handpan is Great and perfect in tune!!

Unbeliveble great Sound woowww.

I have a Band (Musicans) and i will buy more Harmonic Art.

Thank you so much for your Trust and good Support.

Stay in Contact.

I will send you a Video when i Play your Harmonic Handpan as well.


Regards Manuel


Alfredo Megy | Argentina ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hey guys! I truly appreciate how the makers of this magnificent instrument have treated me as a customer. I come and go from LA to Argentina, so I had it shipped to my home in Los Angeles. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, went on as smooth as silk! Very professional human beings that CARE about their customers. I thank all the people at Harmonic Art and... If you´re planning on getting one of these beauties, don´t hesitate  BTW.: I posted a vid of me playing the Hand Pan for the second time in my life ha! If you guys want, I can send it. Thanx again!!


Roman Garro Rodriguez | Costa Rica ☑️ Verified Purchase


Estoy disfrutando de mi Harmonic Sculptor al maximo y bueno, estoy realmente feliz con el. De verdad que no paro, excedio mis expectativas y estoy loco de feliz. No he subido nada a su Facebook ya que no tengo uno propio.


Pablo Varela Barca | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Este Martes pasado llegó por fin mi harmonic, y estoy encantado. El tiempo se pasa volando explorándolo y analizando todos los sonidos que puede emitir. Sin duda, ¡vale la pena!. Muchas gracias por todo!


Fardel Ronnie | France ☑️ Verified Purchase


hello harmonic sound family !! I received my armonic this morning! :) It looks great and the sound is good !! thank you I send you photos and videos soon !! have a nice day see you soon Ronnie :)


Lorie Waren | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


I absolutely love my Harmonic Sculptor (Dominant 7th). The people at Harmonic Art have all been so very helpful during my ordering, shipping, and receiving process. I cannot recommend them enough. If you are thinking of buying a handpan then you can't go wrong with Harmonic Art!


Takahiro Fujita | Japan ☑️ Verified Purchase


I was able to get the Harmonic finally! Thank you for the great instrument! It is an honor to be accustomed to the family of Harmonic!


Christian Zagarskas | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Thank you so much, god bless you for creating such a wonderful instrument and sharing it with me! I just got it today and I played all day in town, was a wonderful experience. I quit smoking to buy it, I suspect it was perhaps one of the best decisions I have ever made! Stop smoking, buy a Harmonic instead!


Melanie Seesko | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase


I have the Harmonic since 4 month and I only have one word for it : WONDERFULL!!! Next time I will try to load up a video! Thank you for this wonderfull Harmonic! I´m sure I will buy a second one :)


Mauricio Ramirez | Colombia ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hola. Gracias por el empeño y esmero puesto en la construccion de mi Harmony Sculptor a 432 hz. Es un instrumento de una alta vibracion, afin a las composiciones que estoy haciendo. Un abrazo. Mauro.


Leonardo Velásquez | Chile ☑️ Verified Purchase


Un sonido muy largo, envolvente y poco metálico, muy bien!


Oscar Sarmiento | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Mi Sculptor Dominanth 7th llegó hace unos días en perfectas condiciones. Este instrumento me ha sorprendido para bien: Gran afinación, gran calidad, y un sonido excelente. Ahora no me puedo separar del instrumento. He podido comprobar la gran profesionalidad de esta familia musical, la gran paciencia que han tenido conmigo para todo lo que he necesitado,... Así que solo tengo buenas palabras para estos instrumentos. Gracias por todo, y espero subir vídeos para que todos comprobéis lo buenos que son y lo mucho que valen! Un saludo desde España.


Janis Wilson Hughes | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase




Last week I got a used Harmonic Sound Dominant 7th pan, and I LOVE it!!! 


I love this pan so much I'm really tempted to order up a Harmonic Sculptor Integral. Great work! This pan sounds amazing!


Thank you for making these wonderful instruments!




I got my Integral Harmonic Sculptor Wednesday evening and have been playing it every chance I get. It sounds great! I'm looking forward to making a bunch of playing vidoes, though! I have 5 cousins visiting at my house this weekend, so I've been busy getting ready and will be busy this weekend with them, but I am working on it. I've been working on writing new songs on the Dominant 7th the last 2 weeks to film more with it, but since I'm a beginner it takes a while to build my skills for playing complex things. :) I'm looking forward to making an improv video with the new pan because it sounds so good! I truly love the way my new Integral sounds. You guys are doing great work. This new one feels much more sturdy than my Harmonic Sound Dominant 7th as well. I really like it. Anyway, I will let you know as soon as I post new videos. Thank you so much for the great sounding artwork of my new Integral pan!


Gustavo Liberto Dos Santos | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Buenas noches ya tengo con migo el Harmonic. Es precioso y tiene un sonido impresionante. muchas gracias.


Karl-Heinz Veith | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hello Harmonic Art Team, I received my Harmonic today. Every thing ok. It sounds very good; I am happy with it. Thank You to Harmonic Art !!! Karl-Heinz


Guido Bertini | Argentina ☑️ Verified Purchase


Fui desde Argentina a buscar mi Harmonic, un instrumento en verdad que poco se puede describir con palabras. Es un instrumento que ha evolucionado muchísimo, con un sustain pocas veces visto, una afinación perfecta, durabilidad, hecho con nuevos materiales que permiten que se mantenga la afinación durante mucho tiempo, para mí es un placer enorme poder tocar este instrumento, ir hasta allá a buscarlo a su fábrica, hablar con su creadores, conocer un poco el origen y sobre todo el enorme orgullo de tener un HandPan latinoamericano pensado para satisfacer todas las necesidades con sus posibilidades que tiene este en la música contemporánea.  Gracias y un gran saludo!




The Harmonic Art, changed my life literally...the possibility to mix melodies and percussion in so high level, open new ways to make music for me. This kind of piece, exceeded the characteristics of a music instruments, take the music, and musicians so far to the ordinary boundaries.


Jose Duque | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Buenos días comentarle que ayer día 21 he recibido el harmonic en Cáceres todo perfecto, muchas gracias por su paciencia y les deseo Larga Vida y mucha Salud.






Erick Espinosa | Mexico ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hola estoy muy contento de agradecerles por mi harmonic, a llegado a mi hogar. Es algo maravilloso y fino al tocarlo. Pronto ya que tenga montados algunos ritmos subire videos mil gracias amigos de armonic!!! Abrazos!!!!


Pablo Incongo | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hola, hoy por fin me ha llegado mi harmonic que e pedido para regalárselo a mi novia porque le encanta y estamos los dos bastante contentos con el. Ahora solo queda aprender a usarlo bien y luego la música ya saldrá sola. Muchas gracias es un trabajo excelente.


Jenni Luckit | UK ☑️ Verified Purchase



just to let you know i've received the my new Harmonic Sound in perfect condition! 

Hopefully I'll get some videos out there soon!






Adam Blackstock | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase




I wanted to let you know that both Harmonics arrived today. They sound very nice and I look forward to using them.


Thanks for everything.




T. Adam Blackstock, DMA


Guillermo Peña | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Os escribo para haceros saber que recibí el harmonic en casa el viernes pasado por la mañana, con mucha ilusion y en perfectas condiciones. 


Estoy como un niño pequeño, ilusionado y con muchas ganas de aprender. Os agradezco enormemente la paciencia y el esfuerzo para que todo saliese bien. He de deciros que en vivo el sonido es aun mas magnetico, mas hipnotizante, Me encanta! y al resto de compañeros musicos también, Todos quieren tener uno :)


Poco mas que decirles en cuanto al iunstrumento, pues he quedado encantado.


En cuanto pueda estaré mandandoos videos para que vean el partido que le estoy sacando y bueno, quedamos en contacto para la compra del harmonic sculptor.


Un saludo cordial y que siga todo bien con la fabricación de estas esculturas.


Pd: Es fantastico la gama que teneis de escalas, pues cada una de ellas se puede encajar con muchos instrumentos. Si el tiempo y las posibilidades me lo permiten me gustaria seguir probandolas hasta tenerlas todas.


Juan Rodríguez | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Harmonic Art! I've already received my Harmonic Sculptor, everything went great. The truth it is a beautiful sculpture and sound woww better person and now that I have the experience and playing for a while my tank drum I will experience in the Harmonic. The whole process was a pleasant experience from the first contact to the reception, complete and intact with accessories arrived. I recommend this Harmonic project and this sound highly to people who want to have this kind of instrument almost impossible to get and already want another one!



Juan Muñoz | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hola, quería agradecer al equipo de Harmonic Art , tanto por la calidad del servicio como del trato personal q ofrecen. Mis mas sinceras felicitaciones. En cuanto a la calidad del producto(Harmonic Sculptor) es bastante satisfactorio tenerlo entre las manos y disfrutar de un sonido tan limpio y armónico. La compra y adquisición ha sido un placer y muy recomendable para quien este pensando en adquirirlo. Un saludo desde España y buen día!


Thomas Hari Würmli | Switzerland ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hola Harmonic Art Team, to play on my Harmonic makes me feel verry happy. I enjoy the magical smooth sounds and the never ending fariations i can play on it. Next month we will have an indian Musician, a Mandolinplayer and Vocalist as Guest in our Yoga and Ayurveda Center and i plan to accompany him with my Harmonic. Thanks for the exact tuning and your creativity to creat such a wonderful instrument. May you walk the Rainbow in Beauty and Love In Song Thomas Hari Würmli


Joan Sisa | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hola, ya lo he recibido en casa, todo perfecto. Es perfecto y precioso con el nuevo material. En cuanto pueda os compraré otro. Gracias.


David Hauser | Italy ☑️ Verified Purchase


El sitio nuevo esta muy lindo...

Traje mi pan de Roma a Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Wellington (NZ) y Palmerston (NZ), a Stuttgart, Basilea, Zurich, Francia y Austria... trayendo alegría y relax a centenas de espectadores oyentes. Aunque ahora tengo otras pans, la harmonic es la que adoro mas...  luz y amistad in'lakesh David




I came from Italy to visit Harmonic Art job shop in the beautiful

Colombia. I Just picked up my brand new Harmonic Sound Dominant 7th

which is yet a wonderful metal sculpture built with artistic spirit,

dedication, and most important, love. To me, Harmonic Art is one of

the best Hand Pan you can get, also with remarkable customer support

and it gathers all the desired qualities of any player such as

beautiful looks, perfect in tune and long lasting sound. I recommend

Harmonic Art to any person who is looking for a top tier sound



Alexandre Lora | Brazil ☑️ Verified Purchase


I have a Harmonic art since july 2013 and I'm really happy about this beautifull instrument! It's sound great, its in tune and soon as posible I want to have another one! Thanks to all from Harmonic team Alexandre Lora


Andreas Schärringer | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase


Dear Team of Harmonic Art, I received the Sculptor in Equinox Tuning, the sound is fantastic, i love this thing :) Thank you very much, Andreas Schärringer


Zain Shirazi | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


Dear harmonic art team! I have received the equinox and will post a video soon. I will send you the link.


In gratitude,







Zain here. I bought a Equinox from you long ago and have spent a lot of alone time with it. I finally feel like it is time to start recording some tunes. 

Thank you for a beautiful instrument. More to come soon. 


Infinite blessings


Guillermo Garcia | UK ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hola, he recibido el Harmonic y la verdad es que muy contento. En cuanto pueda subire algun video para que otras personas puedan ver que bien suenan las handpan que haceis. Muchas gracias por todo. Un saludo cordial. 




Luis Penaglia | New Zealand ☑️ Verified Purchase


Estimados. El Harmonic esta en mis manos..

-delivery exelente

-afinacion exelente

-Morral exelente

-Buenos detalles como el video y las instrucciones...En fin, no me queda mucho que decir, muchisimas gracias...


Carol Singler | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


All is well, I am enjoying the Harmonic. Thank You




Scott Fisher | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


BUY THIS HAND PAN DRUM!!!!ANY MAKE, ANY MODEL!!!! ALL I can say is wow this is great for the price,good job you guys at harmonic art!and they work with you too.I very happy with mine, So glad I spent the money{very much worth it} don't buy some junk hand pan, get a good one here.YOU CAN TRUST that you will be a tuned instrument .not a hand coffee can..ha ha.NOW I want too buy more


Viola Rose | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


The Harmonic is amazing!!! thank you SO MUCH. The sound is so amazing, I love it so much and am so happy with it. the scale is lovely and the new inverted ding makes a huge difference, also there is so much more sustain and resonance with this one. wow! thanks again for such amazing customer service! 


In One Joyful Spirit,


Viola Rose


Jacob Cole | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase


This Harmonic has changed my life for the better!! THANK YOU, finally there is an affordable and very accessible Handpan ( it only took 1 week from when I ordered it to arrive!) and it sounds even better in person!! I would recommend any one who has wanted a handpan. Check out my youtube channel out for an improv video I made on my 3rd day of having this Handpan!


Many thanks,




Jose Solano | Costa Rica ☑️ Verified Purchase


Feliz de la vida, la calidad de Harmonic Art es invaluable para una obra de arte de esta magnitud. No son instrumentos, son puertas al alma. Saludos hermoso el modelo HM15 algún día tendré uno. 


Ray Chen | China ☑️ Verified Purchase


HelloI received Harmonic Today, The sounds very nice! !I liked it! !It is a very beautiful work of art. Thank you


Andres Castro | Colombia ☑️ Verified Purchase


Excellent experience with Harmonic Art, I´m very happy with the attention received by the Harmonic Art Team. Thank you guys!


Gabriele | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase


Klangerwartung erfüllt. Das Handpan Harmonic Art HD6 Dominant 7th in d-moll ist ein wundervolles Einsteigermodell. In einer robusten Tasche eingepackt, ist sie auch für unterwegs gut aufgehoben. Dieses Handpan hat einen warmen, weichen Klang, der schon durch leichtes Antippen erklingt. Es wurde in Kolumbien hergestellt und ist sicherlich sehr langlebig, wenn man es gut pflegt. Der Klang begeistert klein und groß, jedoch braucht

man hier ein bisschen Übung, bis man den Dreh raushat.

Alexandra Baille | France ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hello Madeleine,


I just received the first Harmonic, the sound Is fantastic, thank you so much.


I let you know for the second.


Alexandra Baille


S.Mohammad Reza | Iran ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hello dear harmonic. I recived my lovely harmonic. Many thanks for your nice tunning! you are one the BEST in the world.


Tomoya Endo | Japan ☑️ Verified Purchase


I received safely! Both the two I like very much. very impressive! They will bring me a lot of fun and excitement. You guys have spent a lot of time and energy by creating a Harmonic Art handpan for me. I am deeply grateful to it. Thank you so much! !


Ozalee Farah Sahbi | Canada ☑️ Verified Purchase


Thank you for this amazing handpan! I name it Kurios, because I find that it's more than a simple object ^^. Thank you for your reactivity and your professional job!


Hernan Daye | Hungary ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hace casi un mes que recibi mi HARMONIC y la verdad cada dia me sorprendo con los nuevos sonidos que descubro.ES INCREIBLE!!!! yo pase por 3 hangpans y sinceramente el sonido del HARMONIC,por lo menos para mi es incomparable,super satisfecho y contento con el producto y con la atencion de la empresa en cada detalle!!!!! SUPER RECOMENDABLE GENTE!!!! GRACIAS MADELEINE Y ANDRES!!!!! por todo!!!!!


Jose Manchado | Spain ☑️ Verified Purchase


Estoy realmente impresionado con el sonido del harmonicart..sobre todo por que el instrumento tiene corazón..ya esta ayudando a muchas personas a relajarse y a estar en mas en armonía. Muchas gracias por estos maravillosos instrumentos! Jose


Cedric Simon | France ☑️ Verified Purchase


Recieved April 13th and really fond of it. Thank you Harmonic Art so much kisses from France


Miguel Cucchietti | Argentina ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hace 20 años cumplí un sueño, salir de gira con Piero por Ecuador y Colombia, hoy tiempo más tarde Colombia me devuelve el mismo sentimiento, tener mi primer Harmonic. Desde que escuché un instrumento similar comencé a investigar en foros y con colegas y me puse en contacto con madeleine, no fue fácil ya que en argentina hemos vivido una época extraña en varios sentidos y no podía girar el dinero para comenzar la fabricación, viajé en octubre a uruguay y desde ahí concreté. Comenzó la fabricación y mi espera, siempre en contacto. Hoy ya en la Harmonic House, ese lugar mágico, les puedo decir a todos que como trabajan te tratan, con amor y responsabilidad para que el cliente se sienta bendecido y para que el producto sea de primer nivel, solo resta empezar a estudiarlo y tocarlo. Gracias Gracias Gracias a la familia de Harmonic Art, miguel


Rhianna Hobbs | Australia ☑️ Verified Purchase


Thank you so much for my beautiful Integral D Harmonic! Has arrived safely in Australia. I have no idea how to play it haha but each note sounds lovely! Muchas gracias :)


Steve Gillis | Canada ☑️ Verified Purchase


Hi Folks! Big thanks for my Supreme Natural D which arrived this week. It sounds amazing and blends perfectly with my other 440 instruments. Great Job !


Laurene Brings | France ☑️ Verified Purchase


Harmonic just arrived! The sound is brillant and many thank you to create a special scales for me. A piece of Art, yes!! that the name!! Now we Artogether.

Laurent Pujol | France ☑️ Verified Purchase


My harmonic sculptor was received very quickly and very well packaged. No problems with customs or any import tax to pay. Customer service is outstanding : regular updates about my order, videos of my handpan before shipping... Quality of the harmonic sculptor itself is very good : beautiful sound just as in the videos, great artwork, I recommend this to anybody !!!

Bertan Kocak | Turkey ☑️ Verified Purchase


i have been using it for 4 years now. Great and years long lasting tuning, amazing customer service and the sound quality is really professional and therapeutic, as we use it for sound healing sessions and in other therapies with great success. Thank you all the Harmonicart team.

Norbert Mayer | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hello Madeleine,


just got the harmonic pan thanks a lot it sounds nice :-)


Best regards Norbert


Jana Mihályiová | Czech Republic ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hi, I just wanted to thank you because the Harmonic has arrived safely and I really like it very much:-) Jana


Shawn Watson | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Hi I just received my pan in the mail and I'm loving it very much! Sounds wonderful! Already would like to take it to practice with a couple bands. Thanks Shawn


Petra Szüts | Germany ☑️ Verified Purchase  


Hi everyone, I am so glad! I received my Pan and it´s really fantanstic. It sounds so sweet and great. You are the best! Thanks a lot.

Christopher Lamme | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Thank you so so much🙏❤️😎👍🚴I’m at LaWayra ayahuasca retreat near Medellin. Everything about this purchase is so perfect👍🙏❤️thank you so much!! Much gratitude to Harmonic Art🚴😎👍❤️🙏🙏

Arrev Chantikian | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase 


Harmonic Master 8 - I've been playing it for the last week, and am very happy with my purchase in Medellin.  Quality craftsmanship, sounds great, and I really like that these are mostly maintenance-free.  Thank you!

Nader Diab | Dubai ☑️ Verified Purchase 


It has been many years since my purchase, I’ve been very happy with my Harmonic so far no issues :)

Ronald Pierce | USA ☑️ Verified Purchase